Family Law

Family Law.

We know that it is difficult to maintain a relationship when both parties do not want to be in that relationship.

It is more difficult dealing with complex issues involved in the divorce process. Such issues include, children, property and other related matters.

At Lawyer Select Australia we avoid those issues.
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Do You Seek Property Orders?
Property Orders

You can apply to the Family Court or Federal Magistrates Court for orders for property settlement and this may be done at any time. However, the Family Law Act sets a time restriction of 12 months after your divorce for you to apply for a property settlement.

How does a Court Decide on Property Orders?

The assessment of an appropriate property settlement is a four-step process.

Step 1: Ascertaining The Net Asset Pool

Step 2: Contributions to the Net Asset Pool

Step 3: Future Needs The next step is to assess the future needs of both parties,

Step 4: Practical Effect The final step is to consider the practical effect of any proposed settlement, to achieve a result which is just and equitable in all the circumstances.

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