Immigration Law

Immigration Law.

Australia is unique in a way that almost everybody has a story to tell about immigration, whether, it is of theirs, family’s or friends. Working in the immigration field of law, each and every single day we witness more stories are added to this collection. We could only be proud for being part of these stories. Although, everybody has their own unique story, we can collect them all under one theme, that is, why do people immigrate?

There are many reasons why people would immigrate. Over the years of dealing with immigrants we have seen some of these reasons to be:

  • work opportunities
  • lifestyle
  • education
  • family unification
  • political reasons
  • marriage
  • adventure

Regardless of what your reason/s may be for immigrating, we are here to guide you in your casework by providing the best possible legal and non-legal advice and advocacy.

Our professional support with matters of immigration law include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • onshore and offshore applications for protection visas
  • applications for temporary and permanent residence
  • applications for skilled, employment & business visas
  • applications for student and visitor visas
  • application for partner and spouse visas
  • representation in cases before the Department of Immigration and Citizenship
  • representation on appeals to Federal Magistrates Service, Federal Court & High Court
  • representation in cases before the Refugee Review Tribunal and Migration Review Tribunal
  • assistance with extension of visas
  • assistance with citizenship applications.
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